Tips for Hiring a Denver HVAC Company

Hiring Denver HVAC Services Tips

Denver is a city that gives home to many providers of HVAC-related services, including repair and maintenance, but the abundance of choice might make picking the right service daunting. Modern HVAC units are becoming more complex and more powerful with each new generation and the brands available on the market are becoming increasingly diversified as well, which also means that most HVAC companies don’t install, maintain and repair all brands or all types of equipment and they are different in term of experience as well. Here are some tips about how to identify and how to hire the Denver HVAC company that provides the most adequate services for your equipment type.

Do a Little Homework

To be able to identify the company that works best for you, you need to know the make and the model of your system, the maintenance history of your equipment and you need to be able to describe the fault or service that you need, too. You can find all the relevant details related to the equipment from the unit’s manual.

Get Recommendations and Do Your Own Research

Talk to your friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances and ask them whether they have experience with any local HVAC company and also ask them to tell you their opinions about the companies they used. You can also carry your own online research, then check the websites of the companies for which you obtained word of mouth recommendations as well as the websites of companies that seem adequate based on your individual search. Look for companies that specialize in the type of unit or system that you have – it is a very important aspect – and when you check company websites, look for information related to the company’s licenses, certifications and, if possible, insurance policies as well. Try to find reviews and ratings provided by the company’s previous clients as well.

Contact Local Companies

Call at least four or five companies that specialize in your equipment and describe the problem that you are faced with in as much detail as possible. During the conversation, ask questions about the qualifications of the company’s technicians and their experience and try to find out as much as you can about how the service that you need will be delivered. Also find out about approximate costs – while most companies work with a list of rates for general maintenance, for complex repairs and installation services, they will probably be able to give only a rough estimate. If you need such complex services, it is a good idea to schedule a meeting where your equipment is or will be located, then to request an itemized cost estimate for the project.

You should know that not all HVAC companies work for the same rates or offer the specific components that you need for the same prices, so if you need an expensive procedure, such a complex repair for a complicated HVAC system or the installation of a custom system, it is a good idea to shop around the find the company that offers the best price to value ratio.

A Look at Some of the Most Important Changes in Colorado Home Construction

Important Changes To Know About

Home construction and renovation in Colorado has changed a great deal in the past few years. As more investors and homeowners moved to the area, the city of Denver and all the surrounding regions became more of a safe haven for businesses and industry leaders as well. The area is now continuing to grow, and if you want to enjoy the most modern homes, whether you’re a buyer or tenant, you’ll find that Colorado has a lot to offer in terms of quality and luxury.


Expensive Homes – A New Trend


When compared to what Colorado was like just 10 years ago, a lot has changed in terms of the pricing of the homes that are found here and the luxury features by Arvada electricians and other contractors that are available. As the construction industry has greatly progressed, it’s easy to find glamorous houses reminiscent of what you’d normally see in a place like New York or LA. However, Denver, Colorado Springs and other larger cities in Colorado also have their own trademark look, which means the homes here are completely unique and feature many elements that make them blend with the surrounding environment.


Hi-tech and energy efficient features are also quite prevalent, as most home builders strive to keep up with the times. If you want to find a larger house that uses a roofing and insulation system built to last and to keep the temperature in your home constant, then this is the place to be.


Sustainable Solutions


Colorado is also the place where you can find the most sustainable solutions for generating heat and electricity. Solar and wind power systems are quite prevalent, but what Colorado is even more known for is its geothermal energy systems.


Geothermal utility systems are not that new in Colorado, but with the recent expansion of the area, it’s easy to see how more and more utility providers have increased their provision of high powered, high quality systems designed for the local population. Geothermal energy is now cleaner, more affordable and more accessible than ever before. And with urban areas in Colorado continuing to grow, it’s safe to assume that this change will continue in future years.


Modern Trends and Renovations


Are you interested in a green roof or an outdoor kitchen? Maybe you’d like your home to have the most cutting edge bathroom renovations in town. Regardless of the kind of modern remodeling or renovation job you have in mind, local Colorado contractors can help you out.


Advanced systems, new upgrades and the most refined materials are in store for local homeowners and investors who would like to make Colorado their home. You can just sit back, relax and have your vision for a beautiful new home take shape before your eyes, as local builders and contractors are able to make your dreams come true in record time.


Moreover, Colorado is also a great place for unique landscaping. With the focus on homes that reflect and blend with their natural environment, landscaping experts are also available to provide affordable and sustainable solutions ranging from eco-friendly driveways and walkways, to the most unique and beautiful gardens you can imagine.

How to Make Your Air Conditioner Efficient

How To Make AC Efficient

In many households, heating and cooling bills represent the largest part of the total utility expenses – according to statistical data, energy-related expenses can make up more than 50% of the money spent by households on living in the home.

Households need energy not only for heating, but for cooling the home as well and the appliance responsible for maintaining temperatures comfortably cool in summer is the air conditioner. Brand-new, modern air conditioning units are manufactured with energy-efficiency in mind, with technologies that can deliver the same performance while using much less energy than older units, so the best solution for reducing cooling-related costs in a household is to have Denver air conditioning contractors replace the old, inefficient appliance with a new one. However, buying a new air conditioner is a substantial investment that not all households are ready to make, so here are a few tips about how to improve the efficiency of your appliances, whether old or new.

Take Proper Care of Your Pipes

Blocked or leaky pipes will significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, so getting the pipes checked, insulated and replaced, if necessary, is essential for improving the performance of your AC. Clogged or damaged drain lines can also hinder cooling performance, so make sure your drains are healthy and clog-free as well.

Adding insulation to your AC unit’s pipes is also an excellent way to make work easier for your air conditioner – insulated pipes don’t waste energy, so your AC unit will not need extra electricity for delivering the desired performance.

Use Additional Cooling Methods

There are various ways that you can use to help your air conditioner:

  • Keep the curtains and the blinds on your windows closed when the sun is up high and open them only for the night, when outdoor temperatures go down a bit;
  • Try to avoid using heat-producing appliances, such as powerful lamps, the stove in the kitchen or your oven – they will add even more heat, forcing the air conditioner to work even harder and to consume even more energy for maintaining the temperature in the home at the desired level;

Use a Programmable Thermostat and Set It to the Right Temperature

These great, modern devices can significantly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling appliances alike. They allow you to set the time when your heating and cooling units should start working to ensure the right temperature and you can also set the desired temperature levels for each of the rooms controlled by the thermostat.

Setting the thermostat to start and to stop at the right temperature is also a great way to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Try to adjust temperatures a few degrees higher than you normally would in summer – when you come in from the heat outside, you will not notice the difference, what’s more, coming home to an environment where the temperature is not very radically different from the temperature outdoors is good not only for your air conditioner, but for your health as well.

Sewer Line Inspection Services and Their Benefits

Sewer blockages and lingering, undetected leaks can cause serious problems in your home, but sewer line inspection services can help you identify the problem and fix it without causing more disruption to your daily life than it is absolutely necessary – here is how this great modern method works and how you can benefit from it.


How Denver Sewer Line Inspection Services Identify Pipe Problems

Modern plumbers use special, waterproof cameras to detect sewer line problems. The small camera is introduced into the pipe with the help of a snake, a long, flexible rod that can be easily navigated through the lines. The inspection unit is so thin and small that it can go into even the thinnest pipe, taking images of the pipe portion it passes through. The camera records high resolution images that are sent to a monitor, allowing the plumber to assess the condition of the line and to find the leak or blockage, too.

The camera recordings allow the technician to identify whatever problem the sewer line has. Leaks, cracks, grease buildup, obstructions, the intrusion of tree roots or other plants can all be quickly identified, so scope inspections eliminate guesswork and unnecessary breakings from the repair process. The findings make it easier for the technician to choose the right repair method as well – you must know that breaking the old pipes and completely replacing them is only one out of the many ways to remedy a sewer line problem.


When Turn to a Sewer Line Inspector

Pipe problems can linger about for a very long time, without causing extensive visible damage, but there are signs that tell you an inspection might be a good idea:


  • You hear a strange, gurgling sound whenever you flush the toilet,
  • Water takes longer to drain in your kitchen sink, your bath tub, your shower or washbasin,
  • You get water around floor drains,
  • There is a strange smell coming from floor drains or other draining points,
  • The water that is supposed to drain from the washbasin comes up in the tub,
  • You notice sewage backup in the toilet.


If you notice any of these signs, you should call a plumber at once, but there are several other reasons why you might want to call a Denver sewer line inspection company with a video scope:


  • You have dropped a small object such as a ring or an earring into the sink or the toilet and you want to get it out without removing the entire pipe system,
  • You want to sell your house and you want to make sure the sewer system is safe and healthy,
  • You want to buy a house and you want to be sure you will not have to invest into sewer repair soon after you move in.


The local sewer scope Denver services company can also help you prevent problems from happening – regular inspections can detect even the smallest clogs and buildups, in a stage when they can be dissolved with chemicals or with the help of other, minimally invasive methods.