How Much Should You Spend on A Kitchen Remodel? – Tips and Details

According to statistical data, kitchen design Denver remodels cost between 20 thousand and 60 thousand dollars, but in fact your kitchen remodeling can cost you anything from a couple of hundred to a small fortune. The costs are entirely up to you and will be determined by the size and the complexity of your project, by the materials used and by the amount of work that you are willing to invest. Here are some of the most important aspects that determine the size of the investment that you will have to make.

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Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Work

In most cases, the repair or the replacement of the plumbing, the amendments you need to make to the electrical system in your kitchen and the other similar jobs will take up about one half of your budget. The exact costs will depend on the changes that need to be made – if your plumbing and your electric system are in good condition and require very little work, the costs will be reduced and if there is work that you can and are willing to do on your own, you can further reduce the costs by investing your own time and energy.

The Materials

While you cannot save too much on certain types of materials, such as the plaster and the framing, you have a lot of choice when it comes to the finishes, the furnishing items and the fixtures. In most cases, the related costs make up another third of the budget assigned to the renovation project, but you can significantly reduce that if you take the time to hunt for some bargain-priced items, if you are happy using second-hand or refurbished items or if you are willing to use more affordable materials, such as laminate instead of marble or granite for the countertops, plywood instead of solid wood for your kitchen cabinets, second-hand lighting fixtures instead of brand-new chandeliers. You can further reduce the costs if you replace only the cabinet doors, rather than entire cabinets or if you try to refresh your existing cabinet doors with a new coat of paint. You can also choose to polish the old floor or to add laminate flooring instead of costly epoxy or solid wood – these are all great ways to cut costs.

The Installation

Installation-related expenses usually make up the last third of your budget, but it is again a type of expense that you can reduce significantly if you decide to handle some of the work on your own. However, you need to be very careful when you determine the work processes that you want to handle – if the process you choose requires special experience that you don’t currently have, it might all become dangerous and you might do more harm than good for your kitchen and for your wallet.

The Unexpected

All kitchen design Denver experts agree that it is impossible to calculate how much the project will cost you exactly. When you allocate the budget, make sure that you plan for unexpected expenses as well – it is wise to add about 10 percent to your initial calculation to cover for unpleasant surprises.