How to Use a Smart Device to Control Your Blinds

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Smart blinds are window coverings with built-in motors and remote raising and lowering capabilities. They are also called automatic or automated blinds.

AI Smart Control

AI smart control is often used for smart blinds with app command. Automation and voice control are the main smart features. Moreover, the system is compatible with Siri and Alexa, which is why electric roller blinds, for example, can be operated on a smartphone, watch or tablet.

The smart home remote access feature can provide the customer with the comfort of operating their blinds by using simple voice commands. Setting scenes is easy to control with a remote handset and preset positions can be established with home kit devices. This type of remote access from anywhere in the world is an amazing convenience, which is why smart blinds are very popular with many young customers.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

A distinct type of smart product is the one known as the solar blinds, which can be connected to a solar panel and is mostly preferred by young environmentally conscious customers. However, in a world affected by climate change, this particular product is becoming more and more appreciated even by older generations.

How-to Instructions

When controlling blinds remotely with only the phone, you can set timers by using a minimal setup of relevant apps and special link devices. The how-to steps start with installing a Google Home app, selecting home devices, tapping the Blinds option and then adding and tapping the Home option.

Online Guidance

There are many online brochures describing the creative ideas that have led to these smart solutions. The brochures can also help choose among various products such as: woven wood shades, shutters, honeycomb shades, vertical blinds, Roman shades and horizontal blinds. They even offer free tips on how to brighten a dark room and they help with upfront planning.

Professional Installation

Hunter Douglas blinds Denver design specialists offer consultation to help customers decide the manner in which they want their smart blinds hardwired into the wall. This type of installation requires electrical work and guidance on smart-home automation kits. As a result, the cost of smart blinds is twice the price in comparison with regular blinds. The price range for remote control blinds is between 700 $ (pocket-friendly option) and 1000 $ (high-end technology). This does not include the price of having them professionally installed. Most blinds companies provide installation that can be quite expensive. However, for those concerned about the safety of their child or pet, professional installation is preferred to amateur work. Moreover, expert installation is, usually, mindful of d├ęcor.


To sum up, automation, app command and voice control are the main features of blinds connected to AI smart devices. The most environmentally-friendly product of this particular line are the solar blinds and are, usually, connected to a solar panel that provides the necessary energy for function. These smart blinds can be controlled remotely by special link devices such as smartphones, tablets and watches. They are operated by means of relevant apps that are installed on these devices, which may seem difficult to some, but it is important to keep in mind that there are detailed instructions that can be easily accessed online. Moreover, blinds companies even offer free consultation and expert installation that enable customers to master this type of product.