Tips for Hiring a Denver HVAC Company

Hiring Denver HVAC Services Tips

Denver is a city that gives home to many providers of HVAC-related services, including repair and maintenance, but the abundance of choice might make picking the right service daunting. Modern HVAC units are becoming more complex and more powerful with each new generation and the brands available on the market are becoming increasingly diversified as well, which also means that most HVAC companies don’t install, maintain and repair all brands or all types of equipment and they are different in term of experience as well. Here are some tips about how to identify and how to hire the Denver HVAC company that provides the most adequate services for your equipment type.

Do a Little Homework

To be able to identify the company that works best for you, you need to know the make and the model of your system, the maintenance history of your equipment and you need to be able to describe the fault or service that you need, too. You can find all the relevant details related to the equipment from the unit’s manual.

Get Recommendations and Do Your Own Research

Talk to your friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances and ask them whether they have experience with any local HVAC company and also ask them to tell you their opinions about the companies they used. You can also carry your own online research, then check the websites of the companies for which you obtained word of mouth recommendations as well as the websites of companies that seem adequate based on your individual search. Look for companies that specialize in the type of unit or system that you have – it is a very important aspect – and when you check company websites, look for information related to the company’s licenses, certifications and, if possible, insurance policies as well. Try to find reviews and ratings provided by the company’s previous clients as well.

Contact Local Companies

Call at least four or five companies that specialize in your equipment and describe the problem that you are faced with in as much detail as possible. During the conversation, ask questions about the qualifications of the company’s technicians and their experience and try to find out as much as you can about how the service that you need will be delivered. Also find out about approximate costs – while most companies work with a list of rates for general maintenance, for complex repairs and installation services, they will probably be able to give only a rough estimate. If you need such complex services, it is a good idea to schedule a meeting where your equipment is or will be located, then to request an itemized cost estimate for the project.

You should know that not all HVAC companies work for the same rates or offer the specific components that you need for the same prices, so if you need an expensive procedure, such a complex repair for a complicated HVAC system or the installation of a custom system, it is a good idea to shop around the find the company that offers the best price to value ratio.