Call the Experts to Remove Those Pesky Bats!


The United States is a place where you can find at least 40 different species of bats. Their role in the environment is extremely important, as they consume insects. Bats eat up to 1000 mosquitoes per hour, so their contribution to and role in the environment makes their protection of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know about these facts, nor are they aware of the importance of knowing how to detect, capture and remove bats properly and humanely. For example, did you know that bats should only be removed during specific times of the year? That’s because implementing means of separating bats from the house if they have babies in the attic could end up separating the parents from their young ones, so they would die.

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Because of this an inspection will be required so that there won’t be a risk to detect some bats but not others. Moreover, experts have tried and tested methods of removing and relocating the entire cluster of bats without running a risk of any individual being left behind – especially the younger members of the group. Along with their knowledge about how to keep bats away, this practical information helps experts like those at Wildlife Inc become extremely proficient at removing bats in a quick, safe and humane manner.

The Importance of a Full Inspection

A full inspection is not just for the bats’ benefit but for yours as well. Oftentimes it’s hard to determine how bats have made their way into a house to begin with. Small holes and crevices in the attic, roof and walls could often be responsible. However, detecting them and  eliminating all access points efficiently is another matter altogether.

To help you avoid the hassle, bat removal Denver experts can perform what is known as a full interior and exterior inspection of your home or building. Depending on how many possible access points there are, the work involved can be extensive. However, once completed it can help you fill up any hole that has been found, so that after the elimination of the bats, you won’t have any more difficulty in keeping them from returning.

The Delicate Art of Bat Removal

When it comes down to bat removal, Denver professionals are extremely careful and well-informed. You’ll find that they did their research on how to use the best and gentlest methods of removing bats from the premises.

The most ideal way to remove bats is the use of a bat valve that allows bats to exit the building but to not return the same way. Bats can’t stay confined for very long, and if you take away all access points but one, they will eventually have to use that access point to get out. However, once they want to return, they won’t be able to use it anymore, since the bat valve is designed to be one way.

As mentioned earlier, the inspection process is of crucial importance, and now it becomes clear why: failing to block all access points can lead to some bats finding their way back, so then the bat valve would become practically useless.