How Do Excavation Companies Go About Backfilling a Septic System?


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Septic tank installation consists of more than just selecting the tank of the right size, then getting it transported to your side and connecting the plumbing pipes to integrate the tank into the system – your septic system also needs to be backfilled. Here are some things to know about how your excavation company will help you do that.

How It All Starts

The first process that needs to be completed even before your septic tank arrives is to excavate a suitable hole to accommodate the tank and to make it possible for the plumbing pipes to run into the container. The process involves the creation of a large hole for the tank and probably of multiple thinner trenches to accommodate the pipes that connect your home and the tank.

Leading excavation companies Loveland area specialists say the methods used by excavation companies to create the required holes can vary from manual digging to using excavators of varying sizes and types one of the most modern and most efficient techniques used today is hydro excavation – the process of breaking down the soil with pulverized water and extracting the wet soil with the help of vacuum. The process is popular for many reasons, the most important benefits being the safe digging process even in areas that might have buried utilities underground and extraordinary efficiency.

Ideally, all the holes and trenches need to be completely level and lined with material that ensures the proper insulation of the holes and trenches to prevent the run-off of contaminated water if the tank or any of the pipes cracks or sustains any other form of damage.

Backfilling After the Tank Is Placed

After the sewage tank is placed into the hole specially excavated for it and after all the pipes are connected, the excavation company will move on to the next phase, which is the backfilling. The process consists of adding suitable filling material to make it possible for the company to create a level surface. To achieve best results, the excavation company will first of all ensure that the material used for the backfilling is suitable, consisting of rocks of the same size, such as uniform gravel and that is also free from large stones. The backfilling material is then added into the holes and trenches, one layer at a time, until the desired surface is created. In some cases, a variety of backfilling materials are used to create various layers. Achieving a certain level of compaction might also be necessary with each layer, the excavation specialists knowing exactly how to create soil layers of the right consistency.

The Time Frame

The process of backfilling takes maximum a couple of days, the only possible hindrance being bad weather. The excavation process usually adds only very little time to the overall duration of the septic tank installation procedure, especially if the selected method is hydro excavation.

When the excavation, installation and backfilling process is complete, it is usually recommended to wait for a little longer before any vegetation can be installed where the sewage tank and the pipes were installed.