Why Is Dry Poultry Waste a Great Fertilizer Ingredient?


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If you want to make the most of your garden, getting the highest yield with the least amount of work, you should enlist help from a good quality organic fertilizer, more precisely, from a product based on dry poultry waste. Here are some qualities that make dry poultry waste such a great ingredient in the solution you use for fertilizing your garden or your lawn.

Essential Qualities of Fertilizers Based on Good Poultry Waste

Your soil and your plants will absorb whatever substances they come into contact with, including any artificial chemicals or antibiotics residues from the fertilizers, that is why you should always choose a product that is based on poultry waste coming from animals that have been fed organically, too.

Why Poultry Waste Is Such an Efficient Ingredient in Organic Fertilizers

While animal waste is known to make good fertilizer in general, poultry waste stands out in terms of nutrient contents. Poultry waste contains 13 of the essential nutrients usually needed by plants to grow and to produce spectacular yields. These nutrients include not only the staples we all know, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, but numerous other minerals and components essential for the healthy development of plants, such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and chlorine. The waste coming from chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys also contains some of the enzymes and compound present in the digestive tract of the animals, useful for stimulating the activity of the microorganisms that ensure the fertility of soil.

Another way that poultry is beneficial is through its ability to improve the texture of the soil. Poultry waste is high in fibers and a great source of other fibers that improve the soil’s capacity to retain water while also staying sufficiently aerated to ensure optimal plant development.

Poultry waste is also a universally beneficial ingredient in organic fertilizers, suitable for the fertilization of the beds in which you grow vegetables, for trees, shrubs and flowers alike. It is also frequently used for fertilizing the soil on larger plots of land for the cultivation of cereals and other crops.

The Uses of Poultry Waste

Poultry waste can either be used as a stand-alone fertilizer – case in which you will need to either dilute it or to turn it into compost – or as an ingredient in organic fertilizer products. If you want to prepare your own solution or compost, you can either rely on your own poultry or you can turn to a nearby farm – farmers are usually happy to get rid of the waste and they are willing to give it away for free or a for a very small fee.

If you want to buy a fertilizer product that contains poultry waste, turn to a local garden store. Look at the ingredients listed on the labels of the organic products based on poultry waste to find the composition and the analysis that best suits your plants – some products contain nitrogen in low concentration, so make sure you know exactly what your plants need before going shopping.