Do I Have to Get A Brand-New Roof When We Have Hail Storm?

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Hail storms are devastating forces of nature that usually form very quickly, last short and can wreak havoc on even the best-kept roof. Whether or not the damage caused by hail stones requires complete roof replacement or can be solved through repair depends on many factors – here are some.

Types of Damage

Some forms of hail damage are quite obvious, others are insidious and start causing problems only later. Obvious hail damage includes visibly damaged components, such as cracked or chipped tiles, shingles that are curling or are no longer covered by ceramic or mineral granules, sagging gutters, dented metal surfaces or cracked flashing in the roof valleys or around openings. The most common form of damage that is not obvious upfront usually manifests in the form of leaks, caused by components becoming slightly displaced.

How Extended the Damage Is

How much of your roof is damaged by the hail storm is also an important factor that will influence the final decision. If only a couple of shingles and tiles are damaged, the best way to remedy the problem is to get only the damaged components replaced, but if the damage affects most of the roof, the best solution might be replacement.

How to Proceed in the Case of Hail Damage

The best way to cope with the hail damage sustained by your roof is to hire an expert Austin roofing contractor for the assessment of the damage, for consultation regarding the best way to proceed as well as for performing the repair or the replacement.

The first thing you should do if you notice or suspect any hail damage on your roof is to find the right Austin roofing contractor – while the roofers that show up at the door of devastated properties can be very convincing, most of them do not carry the licenses and insurances that will make hiring them a good idea, so you should find a reliable, reputable roofer for checking your roof. The person of the roofer is important not only for ensuring the quality of the repair or of the replacement, but also for the insurance claim process if you decide to file for a compensation – insurers consider only the claim files that include proof that the roofer who performed the repair or replacement is allowed to work legally in the state where the damaged property is located.

The roofer that you hire will inspect the roof from the ground as well as from roof level and from the attic and will document every sign of damage. If necessary, the roofer will also implement damage mitigation measures – if the hail damaged a large part of the roof, the roofer will probably cover the damaged portion in foil to prevent further damage, should another storm hit soon. The roofer will propose the most adequate remediation method based on the findings of the inspection and will also prepare a detailed cost estimate for the solution chosen by the building owner. The contractor might offer help with the insurance claim process as well.