What Is Cement Tile Roofing and Why Should You Choose It?

Tile roofing has been used for centuries in Europe and the Mediterranean, and today tile roofs such as clay and concrete (cement) roofing systems are prevalent throughout the world, especially some parts of America. While clay roofing is considered to be the “real deal” in terms of traditional appeal, new cement tile roofing systems are gaining in popularity quite fast. Affordable and easier to install, these roofs are considered by many to be an exceptional alternative to clay tiles.

Cement vs. Clay Tile Roofing

What makes clay tiles so unique and appealing? Their appearance and texture, for one, is among their most distinctive features. A clay tile roof can be identified from a distance based on its rugged exterior and attractive layout. Moreover, clay tile roofing is considered to be an excellent choice from a functionally viable standpoint as well. It is very durable and capable of lasting for an entire century, and it’s extremely dense, being known for its ability to absorb very little water and provide excellent waterproof protection.

Cement or concrete roofing tiles, on the other hand, can offer many of the same benefits as clay roofing, but at a lower budget. If your finances aren’t so great, and you still want the protective qualities of clay, you can opt for a cement tile roof at just half the price and still gain many of the same advantages.

Of course, both clay and cement tiles have their own particular drawbacks. Clay tile roofing is notorious for being expensive and for breaking down at the edges after prolonged exposure to elemental forces. Also, both clay and cement tiles tend to be quite heavy and difficult to manage. You will need to hire an experienced Gaithersburg roofer to get them installed, and you will likely need to pay more money than usual to cover the labor costs for the installation project.

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The Appeal of Cement Tiles

Cement tile roofing is seen by many roofing contractors Gaithersburg MD pros as the main alternative to expensive clay roofs. Cement is cheaper to prepare and can be very resilient, being often nicknamed as a type of “armor roof” that can withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at it.

Even though cement tiles don’t last as long as a well-designed clay roof, they can still retain a projected lifespan of about 50 years, which is more than decent and can compare to even some of the best metal roofing systems. Moreover, cement tiles are highly resilient in the face of strong winds and hail, sometimes to an even greater extent than clay.

Much of the appeal of cement tiles has to do with their more flexible and modern appearance. While clay has its own distinct look, cement can be shaped and designed to have a brighter, more polished look, which makes it an excellent option for a modern roof design. If you’re serious about making your home look more appealing and making sure you have a roof that can optimally withstand the test of the elements, then call your local Gaithersburg roofer and inquire about some cement tile roofing quotes that might suit your interest and budget.