The Most Common Mistakes People Make in Their Basement Refinish

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Many homeowners who have unfinished basements dream about being able to make better use of the space, to use it for entertainment, for relaxation or for extending the living space available in the home. Basement refinishing might seem simple and straightforward, but in fact, the project is usually quite complex and involves more than just emptying the space, painting the walls and getting furniture for it – According to professionals like basement remodeling Southshore contractors, here are some of the most common pitfalls of basement refinishing projects, mistakes to avoid while you are addressing that complexity.

Not Paying Attention to the Condition of the Walls and of the Floor

One of the biggest mistakes while remodeling a basement is to finish damp or wet walls and floors. Most basements are prone to dampness, even to floods, so special attention must be paid to bare the floors and the walls, to allow them sufficient time to dry, then to install insulation and to continue with the painting and with the installation of flooring only when all the structural components are completely dry. Failing to address all the issues potentially caused by moisture can lead to the appearance of mold and mildew later and it can also be dangerous for the electrical and other systems in the space.

Using Unsuitable Materials

Basements being naturally prone to dampness, the materials used for the insulation and for the floor need to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and to form an efficient barrier in front of water in any form. Flooring made from hardwood or cork and drywall are not suitable for being used in basements, so replace them with synthetic materials that are unaffected by dampness.

Improper Design of the Electrical System

Failing to figure exactly how much power you will need in your basement and how many outlets you need can hinder your comfort and can be a mistake that is costly and difficult to remedy later. The best way to ensure that your electrical design will meet all your requirements is by leaving the task to an expert – hire an electrician and discuss every detail of how you want to use your basement and take the time to refine the design until it is perfect.

Not Replacing the Windows

The windows are very important components in any room, basement rooms included. One of the most common mistakes made during basement refinishing projects is to leave old, warping, improperly sealing windows in place – such dated windows will let energy slip out and they are also unattractive, not matching the rest of your beautiful, new basement interior.

Not Addressing Issues Related to Noise

Basements can be used for many different purposes, some of the purposes involving the generation of noise. If you are planning to use your basement as a music room, the room where you enjoy your home cinema or as a playroom, pay attention to adding suitable sound insulation – one of the mistakes that cause people to abandon their freshly refinished basements is the huge amount of noise that leaves the basement room and disturbs the members of the household who want to enjoy their comfort, peace and quiet in the rooms that are above the ground.