The Most Typical Causes of Window Failure

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Windows are exposed to all the elements as well as to the effects of aging, but it is not only natural causes that can lead to the premature failure of your windows. According to knowledgeable replacement windows Castle Rock pros, here are the most typical causes of untimely window damage.

Improper Installation

Window installation requires skill, knowledge, experience as well as special tools – any small mistake can damage your windows and might require replacement before time. The signs that indicate improper installation and that will eventually lead to improperly closing, drafty or otherwise damaged windows include gaps between the frame and the wall surrounding it, fogging, signs of water damage, such as rot or mildew around the window and windows that are out of level.

Accidents and Impact

Another very frequent form of window damage is shattered panes caused by a storm or by other forms of impact. While you cannot entirely prevent such accidents, using shutters and blinds can be a good prevention solution.

Improperly Executed Maintenance

While most aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass windows do not need any maintenance other than regular cleaning, solid wood and wood-clad windows do need to be checked regularly for signs of damage caused by moisture, harsh sunshine and insects and they also need to be regularly treated with suitable protective coatings. Failing to see to these tasks regularly might lead to the premature aging and deterioration of your window frames.

Wide Temperature Variations

The materials used in windows respond to varying extents to temperature changes by shrinking when the ambient temperature drops and expanding when the air around is becoming warmer. Wood windows are the most sensitive to such shrinking and expanding, therefore they are not recommended for climate regions with rapidly changing temperatures – if you live in such an area and you have solid wood or wood-clad windows, you should be prepared that your frames can crack or start warping any time.

High Levels of Humidity

Windows can get prematurely damaged by the prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity as well. High moisture levels can come not only from heavy rain – moisture is constantly being evaporated by plants as well, so your windows can suffer from the effects of humid air if you building is surrounded by dense vegetation as well. The solution is either to replace the window frames that can be damaged by humidity, such as wood, with frames that are impervious to water, such as fiberglass or to make sure that the surface of the frames is wiped dry several times a day when humidity in the surrounding air is high.

Age and Normal Wear and Tear

No window, not even the ones made from best and most durable materials, can live forever. Most windows are warranted to 20 years for the glass and for around 10 years for the other components – even though good-quality windows live for much longer than they are warranted for, if your windows are approaching the end of the period they are warranted for, you can expect issues to appear soon.